World Cup Singer Claudia Leitte Studies English with Kaplan

Kaplan International students were surprised to see the star of Brazilian music, and the singer of the World Cup anthem, Cláudia Leitte, studying at the same English school as theirs in Westwood, Los Angeles. (Check out the World Cup song "We Are One", in which Claudia sings with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez.)

According to her classmates, Cláudia behaved like a regular student, attending classes every day and she was determined to learn the language. The singer refused to speak in Portuguese with Brazilian students: "We came here to improve our English ". She was praised by students and teachers for her charisma and force of will to learn.

claudia leitte at kaplan
Taking a break from her studies to say hello!

When asked why she needed to learn English, Cláudia explained that language is a very important communication tool: "Because we live in a globalized world, there is a huge need for us to communicate and be understood and to understand. Furthermore we live with other people, and communication is the key to everything."

The singer also emphasized that because of her position as ambassador for the World Cup in Brazil, representing the music alongside two international stars, it was very important to be able to speak English fluently to represent her country with a lot of confidence.

Studying hard at Kaplan Los Angeles

Cláudia spent three weeks of her vacation to study English at Kaplan International in Los Angeles, California, in March 2014.

Enjoying the beautiful LA weather

An inspiration to millions of fan in Brazil, Cláudia wants to share her music, her country and her Brazilian culture with the world.

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