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Back in the summer, we asked our young learners to write about their experience with us. Our favorite entry came from Polish student Karolina, who studied at our Kaplan young learners center in Salisbury.

Read what she had to say about her friends, her classes, the city of Salisbury and what the Kaplan Experience meant to her.

"When I was packing my suitcase at home, I thought to myself, “Wow in 2 days, I’ll be in England!”. I did not know that it would be the best time of my life.

When I arrived at the Kaplan center in Salisbury to school, I met a lot of new friends from all over the world. There was an amazing atmosphere.

There were lots of nationalities at the Kaplan Juniors Centre in Salisbury
There were lots of nationalities at the Kaplan Young Learners Center in Salisbury

The staff really helped me and I felt so at home that I didn't want to go back to my own home in Poland! I felt like I had known everyone at Kaplan my whole life. It was a great feeling.

The students in my group were from Italy, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Poland and Brazil. We spent a lot of time in the city. Every lesson was interesting and we talked about different topics. I learned lot about other countries and cultures.

Karolina made friends with other students from all over the world
Karolina loved spending time with her classmates

Despite there being so many nationalities, I learned new English vocabulary. My teacher Lisa was an excellent. She always explained new concepts clearly and was really enthusiastic and encouraging. Everyone in Salisbury was really friendly to me and complimented me many times on my English.

These two weeks changed my life. I learned a lot of things:

1) I learned about myself as a person and I became more mature.
2) I learned that English is a beautiful language!
3) I want to study in England when I am older!
4) I want to come back to Salisbury!

To any student thinking about learning English with Kaplan Young Learners, I would say you must come here! It was the best holiday I've ever had!

One of Karolina's photos, taken using the #KaplanJuniors hashtag on Instagram
One of Karolina's photos, taken using the #KaplanJuniors hashtag on Instagram


I miss you guys!"

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