Kaplan Collaborate with YouTube Channel Rachel’s English

Kaplan International Colleges are pleased to announce a content collaboration with YouTube channel Rachel’s English.

The latest video lesson created by Rachel’s English, a YouTube channel which aims to help non-native speakers improve their American English pronunciation by practicing popular phrases, uses one of Kaplan International’s idioms illustrations.

Kaplan International’s idioms illustrations have proved very popular as online and classroom resources for English teachers and learners and this is the first time that a Kaplan illustration has appeared in a YouTube video.

Martin Hofschroer, Content Strategist at Kaplan International Colleges, said: “Kaplan are always keen to work with innovative English teachers and Rachel’s English definitely fits this model with its helpful pronunciation lessons. We are excited about developing our presence on YouTube and helping as many people learn English as possible.”

Before filming started at YouTube’s studios in Manhattan, Rachel Smith, of Rachel’s English, was invited to Kaplan’s English language school in the Empire State Building to see how students from around the world enjoy the Kaplan experience.

“I was very impressed with my visit to Kaplan’s Empire State school. The student lounge has an amazing view! I can happily recommend Kaplan International Colleges to anyone who is looking to study English abroad,” said Rachel.

Kaplan has three English language schools in New York as well as schools in destinations across the world including England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta and Singapore.

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