A Behind The Scenes of our Student Photoshoot

A visit to our Covent Garden School in June for a photoshoot meant we got to meet some of the students studying in London over the summer. We wanted to find out about their personal Kaplan experience and what they thought of their images being used for the new 2016 brochure.

Meet the students

Flipping through the new brochure, when you spot this group either out and about in London or in class, one thing is clear - the images speak for themselves. With a genuine spark of camaraderie between all the students, it was no surprise that many had enjoyed the photoshoot. When we asked Gianluca (the Swiss student on the cover of the English brochure) what the highlight of his Kaplan Experience had been, his response was, “probably the photoday, with lots of friends.”

Kaplan English Students
Kaplan Students in Class

Italian student Omar (on the cover of the Middle East brochure) took the opportunity that day to build on friendships and learn about others students.

Firstly, I want to thank you for the wonderful experience that I had. Secondly, it was great to be part of the photoshoot: I think that all people have to participate once in their life because they could have the possibility to know more about a person. Before that experience, I had a lot of friends; after that, I had a lot of brothers, like Gianluca.

If you could tell a prospective student anything…

Once prospective students themselves, they have a unique insight into how a would-be student might be feeling, and their advice proves invaluable.

English Students
Meet Thomas, Fiorella and Mattheus, just some of our Kaplan Students

Although Mattheus Taboza from Brazil was nervous before he started studying at Kaplan, he has some solid advice for those thinking about studying English abroad.

Before I came to study at Kaplan, I was very nervous, as it was the first time I’d ever left Brazil. I don’t feel homesick or miss home, as I have made nice friends. The best piece of advice I would give to future students is to go with the flow and to explore the city.

Mattheus isn’t alone to feel this way: Fiorella Diaz Suarez, originally from Peru, agrees.

Before I first came I was a little bit worried and scared. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find my way around and use public transport, but it was a lot easier that I thought. I was also worried I wouldn’t make friends, but I have made wonderful friends.

What does she want to tell would-be students? “The best piece of advice I would give to new students studying at Kaplan is for them to be open-minded to new experiences and different nationalities.”

Thomas Hufnagel, a student from Germany, urges soon-to-be students not to worry when planning your trip.

A word of advice for any prospective students reading this brochure - stop being threatened of going far away or finding new friends. Everything will be perfect from the first second you arrive till the last day you leave.

Stepping into the world of Kaplan means you can leave your inhibitions at the door. The willingness of students to be open and make new friends is evident from this group who participated in the photoshoot. Their ability to be open, friendly and learn about new cultures builds on their individuality and confidence.

English Students at Kaplan
Kaplan Students on the Photoshoot

What does Kaplan mean to you?

Fiorella wants to become a TV and movie producer and travel the world, so to her, “Kaplan is helping me to achieve my dream. London is absolutely magical. When I’m here I feel inspired and special, like I can do anything. It makes me remember why I first came to London and how much I want to achieve my dream.”

For Mattheus, it’s better than he could have imagined. “My Kaplan experience has been better than I thought it would be as I have made great friends. Apart from teaching me English, it has opened my eyes to the world and a new vision.”

Omar credits his experience to the friendly people he’s surrounded by. “My time at Kaplan has been better than I thought it would be. I didn’t think I would make as many friends, but the people here are all so nice and kind and I have made 15 new friends.”

Hyeyeon from South Korea sums up her Kaplan Experience in one word, “enjoyable.”

But it’s Brenda Villarreal, from Columbia, who tells us, “it’s never too late to learn”. For her the experience has meant picking up a new language, something she has always dreamed of and making new friends from around the world. “Come to learn and have the best experience in your life”.

If you’re thinking about taking the next step and want to study English abroad, travel and have the time of your life – download our new 2016 brochure and be inspired.