A year of Engish in California: Theresa's story

Theresa is a 24 year old student from Germany, who chose to study English for an academic year in Berkeley, California with Kaplan International. She explains why she chose to study English and why she believes she's gotten a great education with Kaplan. 

Why did you choose your course? How will it help you in the future?

After I finished my vocational school in my home country, I wanted to go the longest possible time abroad, and therefore I chose an academic year. I wanted to improve my English as much as possible and see as much of California as possible. The choice of this course was right for me and my goals. After the time at Kaplan, I want to go back to university and study science.

Describe a typical lesson. 

The lessons are versatile. Students learn to improve their writing quality, listening, pronunciation and there is a new grammar focus every week. Sometimes we play games, role-play, watch movies - that's why the classes are very interesting. We learn a lot from week to week, and we are supported by the teachers at all times.

What's the best thing about the teachers?

I think it's great that the teachers are highly motivated and they build a kind of friendship with the students. In this school you can learn and have fun. The teachers try to help every student. The lessons aren't boring, they are very versatile. I feel that every student likes coming to school every day.

How would you describe your Kaplan experience?

I didn't like to go to English lessons in high school. At Kaplan I can study at a level in which I feel comfortable. Besides, I have the chance to meet many international students. This creates a special atmosphere in class and in school.

My time at Kaplan has been the best time of my life. I learned English with fun and lived in the most beautiful country in the world. I received a certificate, improved my English and my personality has grown. I would like to turn time back and stay longer.

What do you think about your accommodation?

I live in the YMCA residence and I am very happy with my accommodation. I walk 5 minutes to school, many stores and public transportation. I especially like the gym. Also, I like that I have many of my friends from school in the residence so it's never boring.

What is the best thing about studying with students from around the world?

I will never again have the situation in my life to get to know people from so many nations. I am very interested in different cultures and enjoy this situation so much. It has developed many wonderful friendships and hopefully I can travel a lot in the future to see my friends.

Would you recommend Kaplan?

I would recommend everyone to take a course with Kaplan. I cannot say enough that this time in California was the best time of my life. On one side, I learned a lot and on the other side, I've had many great experiences in California.