[email protected]: Staff Jump to Kaplan

Recently, you may have seen a lot of jumping shots on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!

This is because we launched a global competition, asking participants to post a jumping shot with the caption "I want to jump to Kaplan in....." along with the Kaplan school destination and the hashtag #jumptokaplan.

As well as asking our fans to take part, we also had a separate competition for our staff members.

The winner of our Staff Jump To Kaplan competition was Ann Nguyen, who works in student services at our Kaplan school in Irvine, who took this great photo:

Ann said she wanted to jump to Kaplan in London, so we look forward to meeting her when she arrives!

Ann has actually featured in our blog before, as one of our Kaplan Music Stars! Here she is playing the ukulele for one of her students:

Stay tuned to the blog to hear more about Ann's adventures in London!