What is the easiest way to get into an English speaking university? Kaplan’s University Placement Service Explained

There’s no easy way to get to university. It is meant to be hard work with no short cuts. There are however things you can do to make the application process easier and to improve your chances of getting in to the institution you want.

Kaplan offers exam preparation courses to help you gain qualifications which many universities require, but it also offers a University Placement Service (UPS) to all of its students to do further help the chances of its students.

So what exactly does it help with and is it something that can help you?

What is UPS?

The Kaplan UPS helps students find their way to an English speaking university in order to continue their academic career.

As a company, Kaplan has partnerships with more than 150 institutions around the world, including universities in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. These partnerships don’t mean you will get into a university automatically, but it does mean that we can help you get in by supporting you through the application process.

How can the UPS help you get into an English speaking university?

Every Kaplan school has a UPS advisor to help you out with choosing a program and a university that will be right for you. The service can the give your application a much better chance of success by helping you prepare the right things and fill out the right forms.

Once you’ve chosen what you want to do and where you’re aiming to get in to, Kaplan will also help you prepare for the entrance exam that you’ll be taking. Because it has strong ties with these universities, the UPS can give you a better idea of what sorts of things you’ll need to prepare for each university.

As well as giving you pointers as to what you need to prepare for entrance exams, the UPS can also help you with the basic administration of the application process itself, making sure you get through each step without any issue. It will also help you pick out your next accommodation options for if you are accepted into the university of your choice.

Alongside this admin support, the UPS can also give you pointers on how to get your visa application sorted. As well as confirming when you might need a visa and what sort of visa you should be applying for, Kaplan can give you support in getting your documentation together and giving you pointers and advice on how to give your application the best chance possible.

The service varies slightly depending on where you want to apply for university. Below is a video explaining the service for students wanting to get in to a US university.


If you want to go to an English speaking university somewhere other than the US, then the video below is more relevant for you.


How can you use the UPS?

The UPS is offered for free for any of our students that take a course lasting 16 weeks or more, so if you’re interested in a long term course it’s an added bonus for you. If you’re on a shorter course and you’re interested in using the service, mention it to your sales advisor or agent when you book the course you are taking.

Kaplan students have gone on to study at English speaking institutions all across the world thanks to the help of the UPS, so why not ask our team where we can help you to go!