[email protected]: An Interview with Kaplan Customer Service

Daniela, from Italy has worked in a variety of roles at Kaplan over the last 2 years. She now works for the Kaplan Customer Service team. We spoke to her about what it was like to work closely with students before they start their Kaplan Experience and what type of questions they like to ask.

Daniela has a lot of experience at Kaplan
Daniela has a lot of experience at Kaplan

1)  What do you do on an average day in the office?
Most of my day is spent talking to students on the phone or via e-mail. The type of questions that I usually receive are related to their journey, the city that they have chosen, the accommodation that they have booked and the type of documents they need, as well as visa issues. I am also involved in dealing with school requests related to our students, helping customers to solve problems related to their trip, and helping them with any doubts they have before leaving.

2)  What is your favorite part of the job?
I am very enthusiastic when I am able to solve a student's issue; it’s so rewarding when I am able to clarify any doubts a student has or when I have last minute requests and I can give the good news to them.

3)  What questions do you get asked by students?
Students are so different that can ask thousands of different questions; sometimes I have very demanding students who want to know everything before they arrive and ask specific questions, then there are others who just want to go on an adventure and do not want any recommendations.

4) What are our popular destinations with the students to speak to?
I work for the Italian market and the students are very interested in London and New York, which are the top destinations, followed by Sydney. London is very close to Italy and students are excited for all the opportunities that this city can offer them. New York is a dream location for everybody and all students want to study at the Kaplan Empire State school, not only for our prestigious location, but also because New York is the city where big movies are played, plus all the musicals, lights and skyscrapers. Kaplan Sydney is becoming very popular for its beauty and for its mild weather.

5) Do you have any special memories of students who you have helped?
Yes, I have good memories related to all my students. For all these occasions it is nice to remember a “thank you for your kindness or for your support to make me happy.”

6) Do students ever get in touch to say thank you after their course is finished?
I have some emails sent to me from students who really want to thank all the Kaplan staff from the Head Office and the staff from the schools for the great experience, for the new friends they have met and for making their dream comes true.

7) What would you recommend to future students studying with Kaplan?
I always suggest to live the adventure as part of their time at Kaplan. There will be good things but also the bad things; sometimes there are some aspects that students have to take into account; different cultures, different way of life, different mindsets. I always suggest to take everything from this experience and accept differences from other people because it is so rewarding to have known different lifestyles, especially when you come back home. You will have grown so much as a person!

If you are interested in studying with Kaplan and would like some advice, you can email [email protected].