Money Idioms

Whether you have lots of it or not enough, there are plenty of ways to talk about money! The Beatles famously sang "Money can't buy me love." but then they also sang "Now give me money. That's what I want."

No matter what your feelings are about money, there are lots of ways to talk about it. If you're trying to learn English, why not spend some of your valuable time looking at our fun money idioms illustration! Learn how to use these money idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

money idioms

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How to use these money idioms:

Balance the books: “After buying a new bike, Thomas had to work some extra hours in order to balance the books.”
Bring home the bacon: “Anna took another job so she could bring home the bacon.”
Go Dutch: “Matthew and Hazel go dutch when they eat out. They split the bill.”
Gravy train: “Ian got a big bonus for his brief consulting job. He’s really on the gravy train!”
Nest egg: “Leo’s nest egg meant that he was able to put down the deposit on his new house.”
Cook the books: “Sam had to lie and cook the books to make the accountant think his business was making money.”
Golden handshake: Ross was given a golden handshake by his ex-employers after he retired from his work.
Cheapskate: “Thomas did not want to spend $5 on flowers for his mother. What a cheapskate!”

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