A review of 2014 at Kaplan

2014 was a really fun and exciting year for staff and students at Kaplan International. Here are some of our highlights!



Earlier this year the #KaplanExperience hashtag reached over 40,000 mentions on Instagram! We love seeing all of these photos as we get to see all of the fun our students are having. We've compiled all of your #KaplanExperience photos into one place for everyone to enjoy on this page.

You can find out more about the #KaplanExperience in this video:

The Kaplan Cup

Back in May we held our first Kaplan Cup for students from around the world, who were studying in our UK schools. This took place at the famous Upton Park stadium in West Ham, London. The teams were split into different nationalities. The winning teams were the Angolan men's team and the Rest of the World women's team.

The winning boys team: Angola
The winning boys team: Angola


This is How We Do It

This year we launched one of our most exciting campaigns to date, “This is How We Do It”. This showed everyone what happens inside our classrooms, the methods and materials our teachers use and student testimonials about what they think about learning at Kaplan:


Meeting lots of great students

Talking to students is one of our favorite parts of the job. This year we interviewed more students than ever before. Read some of our favourites with Jonathan, Mohammed and Leticia were amongst our favorites.  You can find out more about our students on our [email protected] section.


Host Family Competition

In 2014 we held our first ever host family competition to find our best host families in each region.  Students had to write us about why their host family deserved to win. There were so many good entries and we loved reading all of them! The winning families were Wendy from Australia and New Zealand, Jeanne from the USA and Canada and Sharon and Colin from the UK.

Eunjeung with her host mother Jeanne in Chicago
Eunjeung with her host mother Jeanne in Chicago


Kaplan's First Underwater school

Back in April, we announced that we were launching our first ever Underwater English school. This of course was an April Fools prank! Thank you to all the students and staff at Kaplan Torquay who helped us by spending hours filming under the water!

So there you have it, some of our favorite moments from 2014. Did you study English at Kaplan in 2014? If so, what was your favorite event? We want to hear from you! We hope you have a great New Year and look forward to even more adventures in 2015!

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