Fun Facts About Cycling

From the velocipede, to the bone shaker, to the BMXs of today; bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now number about one billion worldwide. There are more bicycles in the world than motor cars, and in many parts of the world cycling is the main means of transportation.

History of the Bicycle
The Penny-Farthing was the first machine to be called a bicycle in the 1880's. Did you know? Penny-Farthings are so called because the wheels resemble the old British Penny and Farthing coins; one considerably larger than the other.

I want to ride my bicycle
British rock band Queen's front man Freddie Mercury wrote an entire song about wanting to ride his bicycle, after he was inspired by witnessing a stage of the 1978 Tour de France.

People in The Netherlands LOVE riding their bicycles – unbelievably there are more bicycles than residents! In cities like Amsterdam and The Hague up to 70% of all journeys are made by bike.

Tour de France
The Tour de France was first organized in 1903 and is considered the most physically challenging sporting event. The track of the Tour de France 2014 is an exhausting 2,276 miles (3,664 km) long – which is around the same as the distance between London and Cairo.

On your bike!
Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around. On a bicycle you can travel 3 times faster than you can walk for the same amount of energy.

A foot above the rest
Not satisfied with his 15-foot Stoopidtall bike, L.A. cinematographer Richie Trimble has created the Stoopidtaller. At 20ft 2.5in tall, it is considered the world’s tallest bicycle. It features 36 inch wheels and uses 8 bicycle chains linked together. Wheely impressive!

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