Students Speak Out - Carolina's Testimonial

Want to see how Kaplan Schools have helped students with their future? What better way to do this then to show you how our past students have done and what they’re up to now. Enter Carolina, who studied English with Kaplan Bournemouth. Read her story and see how learning English changed her life!


  1. Name? Carolina Salas
  2. Country of origin? Venezuela
  3. Which school did you study at? Kaplan Bournemouth
  4. Which course did you study? Started with Pre Intermediate English course, then a FCE course and finished with an Advanced English course


1. Why did you want to study English and why did you choose those specific courses?

I always wanted to study English and my dream was to study abroad. I was looking for information about English courses and I chose the intensive English course because I could take elective classes, which means you can choose from a variety of subjects.

2. Why did you choose Kaplan?

I went to different agencies but when the agent recommended me Kaplan, I liked where it was located and what it offered, so I said yes.

3. What was your favourite thing about the destination city (the nightlife, attractions, local people etc)?

I chose Bournemouth because of the weather; my agent said that this town is a bit warmer than the rest of the country. There is a beach in Bournemouth and when I chose to go abroad, it was summer. The perfect time!

But when I arrived in Bournemouth, I found out it is a university town, which made the nightlife attractive with plenty of young students around!

4. What did you think of the school location and facilities?

The school was well located and just it takes around 15 minutes walk from the town centre. It could be quicker if you walk faster. It is a nice area and the school facilities were good. We had some great features from a computer centre to a common room where you could relax and talk to other students.

5. What did you think of the course (teachers, learning techniques, flexibility etc)?

The teachers were really friendly and helpful, and were happy to help you with any questions or enquiries. There is a small library where you can study or borrow books, with resources to help you to prepare for specific exams such as IELTS or FCE, etc.

6. How much did your English improve while you studied with Kaplan?

My English really improved. The FCE class was really intensive and that helped me too. The first tip is to be around people who don’t speak your mother tongue and the second is to try to talk with the local people so you get constant contact with English people.

7. Would you recommend studying with Kaplan to other students?

Yes, it is a great experience from a learning point of view and a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all around the world.

8. What have you done since the course and has studying with Kaplan helped you achieve this?

I passed my IELTS exam and I registered at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland. I studied my Masters in International Marketing and then I had the opportunity to work in Marketing in London. My first job was as an intern in the Online Marketing department of Kaplan, giving me the chance of becoming a Marketing Assistant after a couple of months.  My life has changed since I decided to study English and it has been a great experience.

9. What type of accommodation did you stay in and what did you think of it?

I stayed with a Host Family, they were great and they still are. They are really friendly and caring. I am still in contact with them and they make me feel like I am part of the family.

10. Did you have any problems during your stay that Kaplan staff helped you deal with? (Visa problems, problems with your studies, etc.)

I didn’t have any problems but they were good with helping me if I had an enquiry.

11. Have you kept in touch with any of the students/teachers you met while studying with Kaplan?

Yes! After more than 4 years, I have to say that I am still in touch with some students and staff from Kaplan Bournemouth.

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