Comment parler des études en anglais

Alors que l'été touche presque à sa fin, la rentrée scolaire pointe déjà. Avec un vocabulaire spécifique et large, les termes pour s'exprimer à propos de l'éducations et la scolarité sont différents d'un pays anglophone à un autre.

Découvrons aujourd'hui une liste de vocabulaire pour parler des cours et des examens en anglais. Testez vos connaissances à la fin de cet article !

School Vocabulary: 

Academia – (n.) a community concerned with research, education and scholarship
Example: Rosie loves being a part of academia; I think she wants to be a professor!
Traduction : l'université, le monde universitaire

to cheat – (v.) to violate the rules of an exam, by bringing in an answer sheet or otherwise using information/help that should not be available
example: Lisa was caught cheating on the exam and got kicked out of the course
Traduction : tricher

crib sheet/cheat sheet – (n.) a set of notes that offers quick reference
example: I used a cheat sheet to help with the take-home test.
Traduction : anti-sèche

final exam – (n.) the last exam/test of a course; it usually counts for a large percentage of a course grade
midterm – (n.) an exam mid-way through a term; it can be worth a large percentage of a grade.
example: The final exam is worth 30% of your final grade, so make sure you study.

freshman – (n.; adj.: US English) the first year of university or high school; the name of someone in their first year
sophomore – (n.; adj.; US English) the second year of university or high school, the name of someone in their second year
junior – (n.; adj; US English) the third year of university or high school, the name of someone in their third year
senior -(n.; adj; US English) the fourth year of university or high school, the name of someone in their fourth year
super-senior – (n.; US English) a slang term for someone who takes 5 years to finish a bachelor’s degree.
example: My freshman year was the toughest one. I needed to adjust to living on my own.

pop quiz – (n.) a short, surprise test
example: My economics professor gave us a pop quiz today! Luckily I reviewed the information last night.
Traduction : interrogation surprise

prospectus -(n.) a brochure that gives the details of a school or course
example: Did you see the prospectus for the new creative writing class? I’m very interested in taking it.
Traduction : brochure, descriptif

revise/study -(v. UK English; US English) to apply yourself to understand and recall a certain set of information
example: Sorry, I can’t go to the film tonight, I need to revise for tomorrow’s biology exam.
Traduction : réviser

term/semester – (n. UK English; US English) one of two periods that make up an academic school year
trimester – (n.) one of three periods that make up an academic school year
example: It’s hard to plan a vacation with Yvonne, my school has semesters but hers has trimesters.

syllabus – (n.) the outline or schedule of a course of study
example: The syllabus for English Literature has made me nervous! We have to write 7 papers this semester.
Traduction : cursus, programme

Practice Activity:

Fill in the blanks using the vocabulary you learned above.

School vocabulary activities1. I skipped on Monday and missed the ______. (surprise test)
2. What percentage of the grade is the ________ worth? (the last test of the course)
3. The _______ lists everything we’ll cover in the course.
4. You’re so lucky your professor let you use a ______! We never get to bring notes into our tests.
5. Rather than two _________, we have three ________. (length of a school term)

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