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Les homographes sont des mots qui ont la même orthographe mais des sens différents.

Le verbe "bear" ("to carry") et le nom "bear" ("large mammal") sont des homographes et ont la même prononciation mais ont une origine étymologique différente.

Le verbe "alternate" ("to go back and forth") et l'adjectif "alternate" ("following by turns") sont des homographes avec des prononciations différentes mais des orginies étymologiques proches.

Vocabulaire :

Bat 1: - a usually wooden implement used for hitting the ball in various games.

Bat 2: - a nocturnal, flying mammal.

Cool 1: - fashionable and hip.

Cool 2: - moderately cold.

Drum and Bass 1: - a type of electronic music with fast breakbeats (also written as drum 'n' bass).

Drum 2: - a percussion instrument played with sticks. Bass 2: - an edible marine fish.

Pool 1: - a pool suitable for swimming. Shark 1: - typically, a large, predatory fish.

Pool Shark 2: - a good player of pocket billiards.

Tear Up 1: - to pull something apart by force.

Tear Up 2: - an act of crying.

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