You’re Never Too Old to Fulfill Your Dreams of Studying English Abroad

For our principals and staff, it’s always inspiring to see the new students who walk through the doors of our Kaplan International schools. It’s humbling to be part of someone’s exciting journey into the world of English, and watch them progress with their language skills.

With the average student aged 24-years-old, many come from all over the world and all walks of life to study English with us. However, when a 62-year-old from Sao Paulo made the journey to Kaplan International Liverpool, staff were impressed with his desire to learn a new language and humbled by the challenge that lay ahead of him.

Claudio It’s that determination, combined with his exceptionally hard work, that caused Claudio Martins Burro to be named Student of the Month for August at Kaplan Liverpool.

Claudio, originally from São Paulo in Brazil, joined Kaplan at the Lower Intermediate level and hopes to pass his test soon.

With picking up a language much later in life than other students, he was all too aware of the challenges he faced. However his message to other students and prospective Kaplan students is one of encouragement.

“Work hard, study hard, don’t stop when the doubts arise; instead ask your teachers and explain your concerns. Don’t give up when things get tough. I wish you every success in your course.”

He feels proud of his decision to learn English and feels this award is one to be proud of. “I feel very happy. It’s a very important award in my life. My heart is very happy and full of gratitude.”

We at Kaplan are big believers when it comes to students fulfilling their dreams of learning English to further their studies and improve their career prospects. For more inspiring stories, check out other interviews with students about life at Kaplan.