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One of the best reasons to travel is to have new experiences, see new places, and do things that you wouldn't at home.

Here is a list of things worth considering when traveling, and especially when studying abroad.

Enjoy your surroundings. Don't run around from place to place, taking photos without seeing where you are. If you're only visiting somewhere for a weekend, it can be quite difficult to take an extra few hours to wander.

Do something different. Get involved in an experience that you wouldn't normally do. Go scuba diving, see a musical or visit a jazz club. Try new foods!

Take photos, but also look around. It's great to want to remember every moment of your vacation or study abroad experience, but you can lose many amazing moments by spending the whole time taking photos. In 10 years, you are more likely to remember what you've done than the photos you've taken.

Visit other places. If you have time to spend a day going to another city or another town nearby, it can open up another world to you. Every place has its own feel and two cities, even quite close to each other, can seem completely different. If you're studying in New York, visit Boston. If you are in London, take a trip to Cambridge.

Find out what a place is known for and take advantage of it. If you are staying near the beach in Sydney, try surfing! If you're in Scotland, visit the beautiful Highlands. Every place has its speciality and they are usually worth experiencing.

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