Our word of the week is Spooky!


1: Of, like or suggesting a ghost or ghosts.

Example: The noise made by the wind in the trees was spooky.

Spook is another word for Ghost. It's an Americanism, and was first used in the 1850s.

Spooky is a word that comes up around this time of year in the English-speaking world. With the nights getting darker in the northern hemisphere, and Halloween celebrations underway, people are dressing up as witches, ghosts, zombies and other monsters and having spooky parties!

These days people don't usually think of ghosts at all when using the term. Spooky is used broadly to describe something so unexpected that it could be considered to have a supernatural cause! For example, if you came to one of our Kaplan schools and met someone you know from your country, that could be described as a spooky coincidence!

Of course, spooky still can be used to describe something frightening or other-worldly. You might go on a date to see a spooky movie! You can feel 'spooked' in the dark.

What do you think is spooky?

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