Quick English - Clothing Idioms

The English language uses so many idioms, that sometimes it seems like you can have an entire conversation using only idioms! You have probably heard a lot of idioms that use clothing, but sometimes it's hard to understand what they're talking about.

Here is a list of 8 clothing idioms and what they actually mean.

Clothing Idioms About... Shirts

to have a trick up your sleeve - to have a secret plan

She always seems to have a trick up her sleeve when it comes to seeing sold-out concerts.

keep your shirt/pants on - used to tell someone to calm down

Keep your shirt on! I'm nearly finished blow-drying my hair.

to wear your heart on your sleeve - to express your emotions freely and openly

Rea wears her heart on her sleeve. You always know when she's happy or sad.

white collar, blue collar
white collar: to work in jobs that are done in an office
blue collar: to work in a manual labor industry

Although Chris has a degree in accounting, he much preferred blue collar work like car repairs.

Clothing Idioms About ... Trousers/Pants

tighten your belt - to try to spend less money in order to save it

Tara and Joseph had to tighten their belts so they could buy a house.

clothing idioms

money burning a hole in your pocket - to spend money quickly after receiving it, especially wastefully

After Marek got his bonus, he spent it like it was burning a hole in his pocket.

ants in your pants - to be very restless and move around a lot

Bettina looked like she had ants in her pants after eating too many Haribo bears.

birthday suit - being as naked as the day you were born

Giorgia's son runs around in his birthday suit all the time.

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Do you use any clothing idioms? Let us know in the comments!

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