New Year's Eve at our English Schools in London



Kaplan's London Schools on NYE

With Christmas gone and after surviving the sales rush is now time to get ready for the next big party: New Year’s Eve!

At Kaplan International Colleges we take seriously your studies as much as we value rich experiences for our students wherever they’re studying with us. So until this Friday, we’ll be giving you information about the best places to be for New Year’s Eve Fireworks around Kaplan’s locations, and we start our party tour at our English schools in London.

With a long time tradition in fireworks display, this is the busiest night ever on the English capital with more than 250,000 people out on the streets looking up for the amazing display.

The Mayor office organizes the display around the river Thames between Westminster and Waterloo bridges, with major London attractions nearby like the Big Ben and the London Eye.

Every year there are always new comers to the city, new tourists and residents that make this event a family tradition, so don’t expect to arrive around 11pm and find a nice spot to see the fireworks! Choose your location and plan to be there from at least 9pm onwards.

Remember to bring a few sandwiches and of course a bottle of champagne to pop at midnight!

In case you wonder how to get home, the good news are: Tube, DLR, tram and Selected National Rail services in Greater London will run all night on New Year’s Eve night and there will be free travel on all journeys between 2345 and 0430 on the Tube, DLR, buses and trams.

Free travel will apply also to London Overground trains running after 2345 until normal last train times.

This is our top suggestion, whatever you do, be safe and have fun!

Ahh, and remember to share your photos with us, we would love to see what you were up to on this special night! check us out on Facebook!

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