Professional / Business English Courses

Business English Courses

Build your English ability and learn to communicate in a work environment

Why Choose a Business English Course?

Gain fluency and expand your horizons. You will have time to explore your amazing destination, and make friends with people from all around the world.

International Career
Boost your CV with proficiency in a global language and experience of working and communicating with people from all over the world
Practice for real situations
Learn with business case studies, business role plays, and practical job seeking skills. Additional optional lessons allow you to focus on the specific areas that you want more help with.
Guaranteed Results
Provided you meet our attendance requirements, we guarantee academic progress on all our Long Term English courses
All staff are really friendly. I like that it’s a very multicultural environment and you can find a lot of new students from all over the world. My favourite part of the Kaplan study clubs is job club which can help you improve your resume.
- Monika Kalaitzidi (Country Name) -

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