5 Cool Tips for Learning English

We got some great tips from teachers at our London school on how you can expand your learning in some unexpected ways.

Join Couch Surfing, the global community of travellers.

  • Share information about your city, meet people online, have visitors to stay or just hang out with people visiting your city.
  • Couch surfing is a great way to explore an English-speaking place, or to have English-speakers stay with you.
  • Practice your reading by checking out other people's profiles.

Change your social networking sites to English and make friends with English speakers.

  • Posting and reading posts in English is a great way to broaden your vocabulary. Try guessing the words from context rather than going straight to the dictionary.

Get the English version of your favorite book/magazine.

  • Read an article in your native language and then read it in English – this will help you see how language and meaning translates.
  • Try to spot the differences - does the tone change? What about the theme?

Study the lyrics of  your favorite song.

  • You can download the lyrics and watch clips on YouTube – songs help build vocabulary and develop good pronunciation. (But be careful! Sometimes the grammar is not great.)
  • Find out what the songs you love in English are actually about.

Use the Kaplan "How to Speak English" App

  • This pronunciation App allows you to record and compare – sound and video.
  • Tackle sounds that are hardest for speakers of your language, or to look at any individual sounds and tests your understanding of spoken sounds through games.

Have you tried any of these? What fun tips do you have for learning a language?