Отзыв о принимающей семье в Австралии

Отправляясь на учебу английскому языку за границу, каждому студенту приходится выбирать между проживанием в студенческой резиденции и жизнью в принимающей семье. Очень часто нам задают вопросы о семьях Kaplan International с просьбой подробнее описать их уклад и быт. И не удивительно, ведь ребятам предстоит провести длительное время бок о бок с незнакомыми людьми, познакомиться с их обычаями и привычками.

Именно поэтому мы решили опубликовать несколько отзывов о различных семьях, принимающих студентов Kaplan во время их учебы в школах английского. Первой своими воспоминаниями, изложенными на английском языке, поделится замечательная Christina из Венесуэлы, которая училась в нашей школе в Сиднее, Австралия.  Вот ее история:

My host family is just one person, it’s Wendy.  Now there is a also a German student Tobias who lives with Wendy and myself.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"] A special wall with photos of Wendy's other students[/caption]

She has had 100 students who have stayed with her. I am the 101st student in the house now.  I like everything about her.  She is always trying to make it a happy and comfortable place for all students. When I arrived in Australia my first worry was about my home-stay…  Will I be lucky or not?  Many things went through my head.  Now I can tell you I was lucky from the first day I arrived.  She always has a big smile on her face and laughs with me all the time.  For my first breakfast she took me to share it with her friends besides a beautiful bay and after this she took me to the city to celebrate Australia Day, eating lunch with other friends too. Later we went to drink a cup of tea with cake in a cute café.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] First breakfast in Sydney with Wendy[/caption]

The Sunday before school started she came with me to show every step of the journey to school and the way to take the bus, train, how to walk to Kaplan and the way back home.

She is the kindest and most generous person.  She has asked all students what kind of food we like or dislike so she can cook the best for us.  Sometimes she prepares 2 types of food for us to eat and she always makes irresistible desserts. Wendy loves to collect recipes and cooks new things for us.

Something I like very much about her is that she speaks a lot! She can’t stop! It’s good practice for my English and improves it… When I say something wrong she corrects me and shows me on her whiteboard.  She is teaching us and we are learning new things every day.

The good thing about her is when you need some advice about Sydney and some places to go she recommends and helps you and shows the way to go there.

She worries about us, if we are OK, if we will get home or where we will sleep, if we are alive… ha ha ha.  We must always keep in contact or leave a message.

The other day I needed to go to church and she showed me where it was but the next Sunday she drove me there and picked me up afterwards.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="225"] Wendy always makes delicious food for her homestay students[/caption]

When we are bored she brings a movie to watch.  One time we watched all the series of Downtown Abbey and another day she puts a bunch of favourite colour of flowers in my room… she changes my bed every week but yesterday she puts something on my bed to make it warmer and I only need to turn on and off because now I am always cold and believe me it has been so comfortable and warm to go to bed.

I don’t care if I spend longer time than other students on the train and bus every day to come to school or back home as I do not want to change my Wendy or my homestay to any other one.  The house is warm like a home, it’s clean, spacious and it has all that we need.  I would not have found a better homestay!

This story is my way of saying thank you for everything she has done for me and all her other students. She makes me feel as if I am in my own home!

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