Virtual Summer Camp Programs
for Juniors in Canada

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Our Virtual Summer Programs
for juniors and teens

To meet the needs of international junior students this summer, we are replacing our yearly summer program with a virtual one, from the 6th of July to the ⁠21st of August. All our courses will include live, interactive and engaging learning via the secure Zoom platform, led by enthusiastic, qualified teachers.

Our virtual classes will have a maximum of 12 students, feature small group collaborative activities every weekday and focus on the individual needs of students. Kaplan’s unique K+ package of online resources and junior virtual activities will be available to all students.


Age: 12–⁠15 years and 16–⁠17 years
Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9 am – 12 pm both EST/PST (includes a 30-minute break)

Our General English Course focusses on improving the core English language skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. With our Real English Project-based learning framework, students will build upon their learning through engaging projects, such as creating a blog article, participating in reading circles, creating comic books and more.

$200 CDN per week

English Through School Subjects and Themes

Age: 12–⁠15 years and 16–⁠17 years
Schedule: Monday to⁠ Friday, from 9 am –⁠ 12 pm both EST/PST (includes a 30-minute break)

The course we offer each summer, in these classes we focus on improving students’ English through themes and activities which are relevant and engaging for their age group. Students will study and practice their English through subjects and themes studied in school, such as science, music, drama, creative writing, art and more. Outside of lessons there are fun events to participate in such as virtual field trips, presentations from guest speakers, trivia and karaoke.

$200 CDN per week


Age: 15–⁠19 years
Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9 am–⁠12 pm both EST/PST (includes a 15-minute break.)

Kaplan has long been known for its excellence in preparing students for the IELTS and TOEFL exams. Our Test Preparation courses provide students with a detailed understanding of the exams, with test-taking strategies, practice tests, and a focus on developing students core English skills. For students using IELTS or TOEFL test scores to enter college or university, they have the option to add EAP (English for Academic Purposes) to their studies, which focuses on post-secondary skills. Both our Vancouver and Toronto schools are official IELTS Test Centers.

$200 CDN per week

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