Why Kaplan English students love the Oxford nightlife

Two important facts: 1. students love to party. 2. Oxford is the ultimate UK student town. Put these together and you understand why Oxford nightlife cannot fail to please. Looking for the bustling atmosphere of a traditional British pub or a sleek modern nightclub? Oxford has it all and more.

With so much to explore, starting with a good plate of tasty food is the best way to keep going till dawn. Oxford favourites include the Big Bang sausage and mash restaurant, taking the classic hearty English recipe to a new level, and the sophisticated Living Room. Kaplan International Colleges’ Oxford English language students also love Jamal’s lively curry house, for its generous portions, generous prices and money-saving BYOB (bring your own bottle) policy.

Next on the agenda for your big Oxford night out, laugh along to UK comedy at the Wheatsheaf or get dramatic at the Oxford playhouse. Music fans can catch big name bands and artists at the O2 academy or the latest British talent at The Cellar.

Right. Now it’s time to hit the bars. The typical English Bear pub has been serving Oxford since 1242 and is still just as popular as it was back then. Raoul’s, on the other hand, has a more fashionable, contemporary feel. Sip on an extensive range of stylish cocktails, from indulgent white chocolate martinis to the playfully named giggle juice, sure to fill you with energetic party spirit.

Last on the schedule, but by no means least, are the nightclubs. Why not save a few pounds with drinks deals at weekly student nights at Bridge or Lava & Ignite? Both these thriving Oxford venues play crowd-pleasing Rnb and chart hits, so if your music tastes are a little more unusual, try Babylove’s indie rock, electro and alternative nights instead.

With dawn approaching fast, the only thing left to do is get some rest ahead of tomorrow’s engaging Kaplan English classes and another great night out in Oxford.

If you’ve experienced Oxford nightlife for yourself, leave a comment to let us know what you loved the most.

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