Öğrencimiz Gülşen'in kaldığı aile ile anıları

Öğrencilerimizden Gülşen, Kaplan'da düzenlediğimiz "Best Host Family" yarışmasına kaldığı aileyi aday göstermişti. Kendisiyle aile yanı konaklama ve kaldığı aile hakkında  kısa bir röportaj yaptık ve görüşlerini aldık.
Q: Explain your host family. What do you like about them?

My first day in Manchester; they helped me to come to Kaplan College. They took me to a shopping mall and they showed me around. They prepare delicious food every dinner. I am excited about what I will eat every dinner. For instance; when I had stomach problems she prepared me some special soup. This is important to me. I want to give 5 stars to them.

Q: Who lives in your host family? Are there other students?

My host family has got 3 people the husband who was born in Manchester, his wife who was born in India and a daughter who was born in Manchester, who is 19 years old. In addition there are 2 students at home who study at Kaplan. One person is from France and other person is from Venezuela.

Q: Give 3 examples of what you have learned about the British culture in your homestay.

They told us 3 words are important in England these words are please, thank you and excuse me. They are helping me to learn English and help me to do my homework. Furthermore they help me to speak English. It is more important to improve my English. Every night we watch TV altogether and we eat dinner together. Furthermore; she prepares me English food sometimes.

Q: Your host family is up for an award for “best host family”. Write a short speech about why you nominate them to win the award.

I think that they deserve the award for everything.