Top 10 cheap restaurants in Washington DC

Cheap eats in Washington
Cheap eats in Washington

Kaplan Students guide to Cheap eats in Washington DC

Washington may be a big city, but that doesn’t mean finding cheap restaurants is mission impossible. Our students at Kaplan International Colleges are always good at finding cheap deals, so we thought you could use their help…here is the top 10!

Ben's Chili Bowl

Ben's Chili Bowl has become an institution, a part of DC history. Year after year, it has remained authentic and offers delicious chili bursting with flavour. Order the half-smoke with chili fries and you won't regret it. A great place to come hang out with your friends!

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2. Etete

People not only come to Etete for the tasty food but also for the atmosphere: the decoration, the music, the cushions, everything adds up to the experience. Our students love the vegetarian platter, with a variety of different dishes mixing spicy and mild food on top of a spongy injera. Don't hesitate to ask the lovely staff for advice! A delight.

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3. Taqueria National

We couldn't pass out on the best Taqueria in DC! The beef tacos are very popular, with their perfectly cooked and tender meat. The yucca fries is what everyone talks about, so make sure you try them. A taco costs $2.50, so if you want a cheap meal with fresh and delicious ingredients, Taqueria National is the place to go.

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4. Teaism

As well as serving great tea, Teaism also serves tasty food. The menu nicely mixes Indian, Thai, and Japanese dishes. For less than $9, you can try the bento box, with chilled teriyaki salmon, cucumber-ginger salad, edamame and brown rice. The place is also a heaven for vegetarians, as we counted no less than 8 vegetarian options on the menu! Bonus: there is a Koi Pond downstairs, so make sure you see it before you leave!

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5. Five Guys

Heard of In-N-Out? Well, 5 Guys is even better! Bacon Cheeseburger is a must-try, with its crispy bacon, perfectly cooked meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, salad, onions and delicious BBQ sauce. Add some delicious crispy Cajun fries to your order. Now sit back and enjoy the most delicious burger in town. Oh, and the best thing? You can customize your burger. Fantastic.

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6. Chix

Be aware, Chix is addictive, and may well become your lunch fix for the rest of your stay. With its $6.50 lunch menu, where you can choose from a variety of wraps or ¼ chicken with two sides, they are hard to beat! The Peruvian chicken is very flavorful, especially with its curry sauce. Students get $1 discount, so be sure to pay this restaurant a visit for a healthy and affordable Latin-flavored meal.

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7. Booeymonger Restaurant

Booey-what? Booeymonger! The-restaurant-with-a-strange-name offers delicious sandwiches for less than $7. Our students especially fell for the "Gatsby Arrow": sliced roast beef and brie cheese served hot or cold with lettuce and tomato on a French baguette. Don't miss the daily special: for $7.95, you get a sandwich and potato wedges.

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8. Azi's Café

Yes, we all love Starbucks. But now that you're in DC, it's time to try amazing coffee. And what would you say if you could eat great food too? Head to Azi's Café for a freshly brewed coffee and some mouthwatering homemade scones. For lunch, you can't go wrong with the Chicken salad: grilled chicken breast, lettuce, parmesan cheese, and croutons for $6.25. Bonus: free WiFi for customers! We cannot wait to go back.

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9. Italian Pizza Kitchen

Perfect thin crust, delicious tomato sauce and fresh ingredients…: does that ring a bell? Not if you haven’t been to Italian Pizza Kitchen! The place offers pizzas, with a large variety of toppings: roasted peppers, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, you name it! Trust us, you will be fighting over the last few pieces of these pizzas.

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10. Astor Mediterranean

Amazing food for under $10 is a dream brought to life by Astor. We especially love the chicken kabob, served with Greek salad or rice with mixed veggies. For vegetarians out there, fear not, great dishes await you. The falafel sandwich with its fresh mixture of chick peas, veggies, tomatoes, cucumber, tzatsiki, and tahini will cost you less than $7. For delicious, fresh and cheap Mediterranean food in DC, you know where to go!

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