[email protected]: Why You Should Visit Scotland

Today's post is written by one of our students, Georgy, from Russia, about a trip to Scotland that he recently took through his school, Kaplan Oxford, in England. He shares with us why he thinks everyone should visit Scotland, in his own words, and in English.  

Hello, my name is Georgy, I am a student in Kaplan Oxford. I had an amazing trip with Kaplan in Scotland so now I would like to tell you about it! I want to describe you how awesome it was and why you definitely should visit this wonderful country.

William Edmondstoune Aytoun once said: “Give me but one hour of Scotland, let me see it ere I die”. I think this is the perfect phrase which describes my feelings during my time in Scotland.

All that trip I had a dream that I’m actually in the 19th century because of the ancient buildings, the majestic Edinburgh Castle, and people wearing kilts, eating haggis and drinking whiskey. All of this stuff has not been changing since long time ago. That’s what I like in Scotland – ancient soul.

And have you seen the terrific Highlands? This is a big territory with magnificent nature: mountains, forests, lakes (in Scotland it’s actually called a loch) and valleys – and it’s all in one picture!

Edinburgh seems like the heart of Scotland. You have tight streets with funny names such as Cockburn or Cowgate. You have an amazing feeling about Edinburgh Castle, that it can actually defend you from any danger. You have always smiling people whose speech is so unusual! I also enjoyed Scottish dancing which is not just for two people, but for all folks.

Georgy in the highlands - visit Scotland

The Highlands were like a fairy tale for me. You may see tons of pictures, but you still should see it for yourself! You should feel the freedom and peace of this place. Small towns are so lovely! And the people there are so kind to you that you want to stay here forever.

Visit Scotland. Listen to bagpipes, taste haggis and smile all the time, because you’ll be one of the luckiest people in the world.