Learn English in Canada

Study English in one of Canada’s cosmopolitan cities. Toronto and Vancouver offer a variety of sights, activities and events, plus a friendly attitude and cultural diversity. Take advantage of the busy social calendar, get to know the city better and make new friends. Live in a homestay with a family or with other students in more independent student housing. Our schools are centrally located, perfect for exploring.

Courses in Canada are rigorous, and our teachers are dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of lessons. Choose from a variety of courses, from vocational English to exam preparation or courses that focus specifically on every day English.


English School in Toronto


Toronto is a friendly and mid-sized city popular with international students. There is awe-inspiring architecture to discover, the always-busy Harbourfront Centre, great bars, and the option to visit some of the natural wonders of Canada, including Niagara Falls.

Choose from a wide variety of courses, from flexible general English courses to exam preparation and English for academic purposes courses. Toronto is great for students who are serious about improving their English and want to experience all that this multicultural city has to offer!


Study English in Vancouver


Almost always in the top 10 of most liveable cities worldwide, Vancouver is a beautiful city surrounded by ski slopes, beaches and forests. It has great restaurants and a safe and thriving nightlife. Sophisticated, cultured and with something for everyone, Vancouver is a great destination.

Our Vancouver school offers a rigorous, academic-focused experience. Prepare for exams, take specific courses such as Business or English for academic purposes or gain fluency in courses in which you’ll learn the essential skills to speak, read and write in English.

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