Pre masters and Pre MBA courses at Kaplan International College Bournemouth

Pre-Master and Pre-MBA Courses at KICB

Kaplan International International English Bournemouth (KICB) offers a range of flexible Pre-MBA and Pre-Masters programs designed to give students both the English and academic skills, and the specialist knowledge needed to succeed on their chosen MBA or Masters degree. With our professional, expert university placement advisors, you will receive all the help you need to enter a university that suits your needs.

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Find out what Ivan Golovchenko from Ukraine thought about his Pre-Masters course at KIC Bournemouth!

Our 13 years of experience has shown that international postgraduate students frequently underestimate the challenges of a Masters degree in the UK. The ability to communicate complicated and original ideas about a highly specialised subject, in English, varies enormously from individual to individual. We therefore help each individual to build their own personalised preparation program with KICB, by choosing the most relevant content from our extensive list of university-validated and professionally certified syllabuses.

Statistic In 2011, 90% of students who completed the Pre-Masters and Pre-MBA successfully passed the program. 


Whether you have recently finished your undergraduate degree, or whether you are looking to use a postgraduate degree to add value to your existing work experience, our Pre-MBA and Pre-Masters programs will give you the confidence to meet the challenges of postgraduate education in the UK.

We have placed our Pre-MBA students on MBA programs at many of the UK's elite universities, including:

MBA Anglia Ruskin University MBA Lancaster University
MBA Aston University MBA Leicester, University of
MBA Bath, University of MBA Liverpool John Moores University
MBA Birmingham, University of MBA London Business School 
MBA Bradford University MBA Middlesex University 
MBA Brunel University MBA Royal Agricultural College 
MBA Cambridge University MBA Sheffield Hallam University 
MBA Coventry University MBA Southamption Solent University 
MBA UWIC MBA Strathclyde University 
MBA Glasgow, University of MBA Surrey, The University of
MBA Kingston University  

We have also placed our Pre-Masters students on 100's of different Masters programs, including:

MA Managing International Trade MSc Oil & Gas Engineering
MSc Human Resource Management MSc Petroleum Engineering
MA Project Management MSc Transport Policy & Business
MSc Enterprise & Business Growth MSc Construction Management
MSc Global Business MSc Energy Economics & Policy
MSc Economics MEng Aerospace Engineering
MSc Money, Banking, Finance MSc Automotive Engineering
MSc Accounting & Finance PhD Chemical Engineering
MSc Economics MSc Structural Eng /Mechanics
MSc Insurance & Risk Management MA Logistics
MSc Oil & Gas Economics PhD Mathematics
MSc Marketing MSc Data Communications
MA Public Administration & Policy MA Mass Media & Communications
MA International Relations MSc Digital Media
MA Public Relations Practice MSc Computer Science Network
MA International Politics MSc Information Technology
MSc Global Security MSc Multimedia and Internet
MSc Tourism & Hospitality Management MSc Education
MSc HRM for Tourism MA Sociology
MA Adventure Tourism Management LLM

Pre-Masters and Pre-MBA Course Schedule

University Preparation Program Hours/Week Levels Length Location
Pre-Masters & Pre-MBA Preparation 22.5 hours tuition
per week
From IELTS 5.5 or Equivalent SELT 10
or 20 week course
English preparation with Pre-Masters 22.5 hours tuition per week From IELTS 5.0 or Equivalent SELT 10 week Preparatory English + 20 week pre-masters Bournemouth
English preparation with Pre-Masters 22.5 hours tuition per week From IELTS 4.5 or Equivalent SELT 20 week Preparatory English + 20 week pre-masters Bournemouth
English preparation with Pre-Masters 22.5 hours tuition per week From IELTS 4.0 or Equivalent SELT 32 week Preparatory English + 20 week pre-masters Bournemouth

University Placement Rate: 100% of passing students. University placement is guaranteed for all those studying for 30 weeks.

Assessment methods: Coursework Assignments and examinations. IELTS preparation is offered as part of the program and the exam fee is included in the price.

Length: 10 or 20 weeks. Students not meeting the minimum English language requirements can take an additional 10 or 20 week English course prior to the commencement of the course

Recommended ages: 21+

Entry Requirements:
Academic – Proof of high school and university graduation and an academic reference from your professor. Appropriate experience may be accepted as an alternative to a university degree. Full entry requirements for each country are available, email for details.
English Requirements:
20-week program – IELTS 5.5 or equivalent with no lower than IELTS 5.5
10-week program – IELTS 6.0 or equivalent with no lower than IELTS 5.5

Hours of tuition per week and Class Sizes:
Maximum teaching support and smaller classes than universities enables students to focus on their own learning skills and personal development before starting their Masters degree:
Terms 1, 2 & 3: 22.5 hours tuition per week, maximum 15 students per class
Additional Academic tutorials and University Placement tutorials. 

Course structure and content: 
20-week – choose 6 subjects from the 2 lists below
10-week – choose 3 subjects from the 2 lists below

Masters skills modules:
Communication at Masters Level 
Research Methodology 1
Research Methodology 2
IELTS Preparation 1
IELTS Preparation 2

Specialist Academic modules:

Download the Specialist modules information sheet for more details.

  • Business Management - Managing information and communication; customer focus, marketing and planning; health, safety and quality.
  • Finance Management - Principles of accounting, including profit and loss balance sheets; planning and control of financial resources 
  • Human Resource Management - Recruitment and selection, managing performance, developing teams and individuals
  • Information Technology*
  • Marketing*
  • Law* 
  • Applied Mathematics *
  • Pure Mathematics *
  • Business Information Systems *
  • Media Studies *
  • Social Science *
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management *

* Subject to availability 

Pre-Masters and Pre-MBA Certificates

Our expert University Placement Advisors arrange regular workshops and one-to-one meetings to ensure that all of your questions about the different universities are answered, and your applications target the best possible universities in your chosen degree subject. Email for our recent placement list.