Learn English in the United States

  • Study English in one of our 21 amazing locations across the United States.
  • Choose whether you want to live in the center of a big city, near the beach, or on a university campus.
  • Live the local culture with your school's busy social calendar, or travel across America with your new friends from Kaplan!
  • Stay with a host family, or share a student residence with other Kaplan students

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Boston - Fenway

English School in Boston - Fenway


Our English school in Boston, Massachusetts is one of three Kaplan centers in and around Boston. Explore Boston after class and learn English in and out of the classroom. Kaplan Boston is in the heart of Boston's college scene in Kenmore Square, and just next to the home of the Boston Red Sox!

Choose from a number of course options – all with a focus on improving your English and helping you feel comfortable with your speaking, listening, writing and reading. Learn with some of the best and most caring teachers, and watch your English level soar!

Boston - Harvard Square

Study English in Boston - Harvard Square

Boston, Harvard Square

Study in the beautiful city of Cambridge, at our English school in Harvard Square, one of three in the area. Just minutes from Harvard University, enjoy all the benefits of studying near one of the most prestigious universities in the world and just minutes from the center of Boston.

With a variety of courses at our Boston, Harvard Square school, you can choose the one that suits your needs. Learn with some of the best and most caring teachers. Your reading, listening, writing and reading skills will improve in the classroom and get extra help if you need it.

Boston - Northeastern University

Learn English at Northeastern University at Downtown Boston

Northeastern University at Downtown Boston

Study on the Northeastern University campus when you use our English school at Northeastern University at Downtown Boston, one of three schools in the Boston area. This beautiful, modern campus gives you the opportunity to study English on an American college campus within the city of Boston.

Our Northeastern school offers the unique opportunity to take English courses as well as university preparation courses to get you ready for an undergraduate program at Northeastern University.


English Courses in Chicago


Study English in the Second City, Chicago, known for its music scene, architecture and beauty. Learn and stay in a vibrant city full of exciting sports, great music and delicious food.

We offer a variety of English courses and exam preparation at our Chicago school. Focus on the skills you need to do well on the GRE, TOEFL ®  and others, or gain fluency with the help of dedicated, caring and experienced teachers.

Chicago - I.I.T.

Study English in Chicago - Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago I.I.T

Study English in Chicago at our school on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus. Just a short journey from the center of Chicago, you can benefit from a student-centered atmosphere with the facilities of a university campus. After class, take advantage of the sights and cultural events in Chicago.

Build your fluency with teachers who are dedicated to helping you both in the classroom and outside. Learn English in a friendly, international environment and take advantage of all the extra learning tools and English clubs that we offer.

California - Irvine

Study English in Irvine Valley College

Irvine, California

Enjoy the sunny beaches, relaxed college atmosphere and California lifestyle when you study English on the Irvine Valley College campus. Our school is a short distance from LA, offering the best of a college campus with the convenience and glamour of nearby Hollywood.

Take English courses and build your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with Kaplan’s program. Learn inside the class and then more in study sessions and lessons that focus on useful skills for life in an English-speaking place.

Los Angeles - Westwood

Study English in Westwood, Los Angeles

Westwood, Los Angeles

Enjoy beautiful and sunny Westwood, California when you study English at our LA Westwood school. Experience the peace and beauty of Westwood, LA, just a short distance from the buzz of central Los Angeles. Visit the beach, tour neighboring Beverley Hills or spend time in downtown LA.

Learn English with teachers who are focused on your success and will help you gain the confidence and skills to speak and write in English. Take advantage of all the extra learning tools and skills classes that we offer.

Los Angeles - Whittier

Study English in Whittier, Los Angeles

Whittier, Los Angeles

Spend your time on an American college campus when you learn English at our Los Angeles, Whittier school. Take advantage of the mix of small-town charm and big-city convenience, plus there are always social events and school excursions to LA and the best places to visit in the area, including Disneyland and Venice Beach.

Our Whittier school has first-class learning facilities, a wide range of courses and a great location. Learn with tested methods that will give you the confidence to speak, read and write English in any situation.


Study English in Miami


Miami is a great place to study for those who love the sun, a laid-back lifestyle and being close to the beach. Spend your time exploring the beautiful and historic Coral Gables and plan weekends with friends and classmates at Miami Beach, Disney World or the Bahamas.

Take exam preparation courses, study for a full semester (or year) or take a few weeks to focus on your fluency. Our teachers will help you gain the skills, confidence and experience to speak and write English and communicate with new international friends.

New York - Empire State Building

Study English in Empire State, New York

Empire State, New York

Take your English courses with a view of NYC – from the 63rd floor of the Empire State Building! Study English in New York, one of the greatest cities of the world. Live in the middle of the action – Broadway, Times Square and Central Park are all just a walk away.

Gain English fluency with open-ended courses or focus on exam prep or business English. Learn with caring teachers who get the most out of students. Get extra practice in English clubs and elective lessons on a variety of interesting topics.

New York - Midtown

Study English in Midtown, New York

Midtown, New York

Midtown, New York, is one of the best-known parts of Manhattan. Study just two blocks from Central Park and take advantage of all the exciting things you can do in New York City. See the museums, shop on 5th Avenue or go to Rockefeller Center.

Learn the essential skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking with our experienced and helpful teachers, who offer real-life, practical lessons for speaking English while you live in New York. Take exam preparation courses or gain fluency with flexible length English courses.

New York - SoHo

Study English in SoHo, New York

SoHo, New York

Study English in trendy SoHo in downtown New York City. Go shopping, sample the restaurants and visit the exciting and vibrant neighborhoods nearby, including TriBeCa and Little Italy.

Gain fluency with lessons focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing and take advantage of structured study sessions. Learn practical every day English and work with dedicated teachers who want you to do your best and will help you gain the skills you need.


Study English in Philadelphia


Live in a city of history, art and music in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Spend time relaxing in the beautiful Rittenhouse Square, snack on freshly made treats at Reading Terminal market or visit Penn’s Landing, Love Park and South Street for big-city excitement.

Learn English with our experienced and dedicated teachers for the skills and practice you need to become fluent. Prepare for exams such as the TOEFL, GMAT ®  or GRE, or take a full semester or year in Philly to improve your English dramatically.


Study English in Portland


Live among the natural beauty in Oregon and enjoy the perks of the fun, cultural and cosmopolitan city of Portland, known for its music and arts scene. Learn all about Portland with a full calendar of social activities and with your new friends.

Prepare for the TOEFL, GMAT ®  or GRE ®  with exam preparation courses or take 2 weeks to 52 weeks to gain fluency in English, all with the help of our experienced and friendly teachers. Take advantage of study sessions, study clubs and social activities to practice.

San Diego

Study English in San Diego

San Diego

San Diego is a sunny, relaxed city a short distance from the beach. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere by the beach with the culture and convenience of a big city. Learn to surf, try the seaside restaurants or travel out of San Diego with one of the organized school trips.

Practice your Business English, prepare for the TOEFL ®  exam or gain fluency with our flexible-length courses. All of our programs are taught by teachers who are most interested in your success and will help by teaching practical and enjoyable lessons.

San Francisco

Study English in San Francisco

San Francisco

Study in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, San Francisco. It’s the best place to be those who love new technology, an open and welcoming atmosphere and exploring. Enjoy the food, the arts and the wide variety of cultural events.

Gain fluency and valuable reading, writing and listening skills, prepare for the TOEFL, GMAT, GRE ®  or Cambridge Exam Prep, or get a practical business English placement when you study at our San Francisco school.

San Francisco - Berkeley

Study English in Berkeley, San Francisco

Berkeley, San Francisco

Enjoy the beauty of Berkeley, a college town just outside of San Francisco. Visit the coffee shops, bars and markets all over town, mingle with university students or visit San Francisco in your free time. Take advantage of the social events offered at our Berkeley school.

Gain English fluency with our experienced teachers and proven methods. Learn valuable reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and focus on practical English that will enrich your time in Berkeley.

Santa Barbara

Study English in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Discover the laid-back atmosphere of California when you study in Santa Barbara, home to some of the best beaches on the west coast. Our school has seaside views, world-class facilities and a comfortable and convenient university atmosphere.

Learn with dedicated, caring and experienced teachers and focus on the skills you need to gain fluency. Focus on specific aspects you need help with and take part in study clubs with classmates in structured study sessions, once class is over.


English Courses in Seattle


Live in Seattle and discover its beautiful surroundings. Located on Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, it’s a vibrant and youthful city surrounded by mountains and forests. Seattle has a thriving music, movie and theater scene and is the home of Starbucks and Microsoft.

Prepare for the TOEFL, GMAT ®  or GRE ®  exams, learn essential English for business contexts, or focus on your fluency from 2 to 52 weeks with teachers who are interested in giving you the best education and the help you need to grow your skills.

Seattle - Highline College

Learn English in Highline College, Seattle

Highline College, Seattle

Study among the natural beauty and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Seattle, but away from the bustle of the city at our Seattle, Highline College campus. Enjoy all the perks of studying on a college campus, plus the benefit of being near Seattle.

Gain fluency with lessons that focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking, the four skills that will help you best succeed. Take classes full-time with Intensive English lessons and take the quickest path to fluency, or practice for the TOEFL ®  exam, among other courses.

Washington D.C.

Study English in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Live in the capital city and explore beautiful monuments, interesting and diverse neighborhoods and great nightlife. D.C. is a great place to learn about government and business and practice your new English skills. Spend time in great student spots like Georgetown.

Prepare for a range of exams, learn valuable business English or focus on your fluency. Study for 2 to 52 weeks and choose the intensity of your lessons. Learn the most important skills for fast fluency and get practical English skills for daily use.