Color Idioms

English is a colorful language. Color idioms are very common in English. Brighten up the way you speak English by reading this quick blog post.

Have a look at our fun and colorful color idioms illustration! Learn how to speak English like a native by using these color idioms! Discover how to use these color idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

color idioms

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How to use these color idioms:

Green thumb: “Robert is an expert gardener. Everyone says he has a green thumb!”
Yellow-bellied: “Billy was called yellow-bellied after he was too scared to go on the rollercoaster.”
Pink slip: “Mik was devastated to lose his job after his boss gave him a pink slip.”
White elephant: “Planners said the sports stadium would become a white elephant after the tournament was finished.”
Golden opportunity: “Tony had a golden opportunity to win the chess tournament after the favorite was beaten.”
Red tape: “Daniela was unable to get her visa application approved due to red tape.”
Silver screen: “Matteo went to Hollywood so he could see the stars of the silver screen.”
Blue collar: “Hank was much happier doing blue collar work compared to his office job.”

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