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5 Exciting things to do this April and May

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22 February 2023
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What’s the best part of April and May? All of the public holidays of course! As a continent, Europe is blessed with quite a few public holidays throughout the Spring months, and the people couldn’t be more grateful. It’s a time to relax, to open the BBQ, and of course, it’s a time to attend some great festivals and iconic events.  

To make sure that you get the most out of your public holiday – whenever it may be – we've put together a list of five of our favorite events happening during the months of April and May. 

Which one’s your favorite? 


King Charles’ Coronation 

When? 6 May 2023 

Where? London, UK 

Any royalists will be thrilled to know that an exciting – and rare – occurrence will be happening in the UK: the coronation of King Charles III. This momentous occasion formalizes the monarch’s position as king in a symbolic religious ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London and will no doubt be a lavish affair as thousands are expected to flock to watch the procession. 

To further celebrate this historic day, England has issued a nationwide bank holiday (thank you) to commemorate the occasion. Over the weekend, numerous celebrations are set to take place, including street parties, a concert featuring some of the country’s most famous artists and a laser show at Windsor Castle! 

The last coronation was in 1953, so this is sure to be the experience of a lifetime for any visitor. 


Cannes Film Festival 

When? 16-27 May 2023 

Where? Cannes, France 

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious and iconic events in cinema and a bucket-list experience for any movie-lover. Ever since it was founded in 1938, the festival has made a name for itself for showcasing quality international films and contributing to the development of cinema across the globe. World-famous actors, actresses, directors and producers all take to the red carpet to don their best dress and promote their work. 

Located in the sunny, stylish city of Cannes along the stunning French Riveria, you’ll feel just like a celebrity yourself as you enjoy the many glamorous waterfront restaurants and shops, and if you’re feeling rich, maybe even the yachts (*wink face*). 


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When? 14-16 April and 21-23 April 

Where? California, USA 

If you’re a music fan and want to spend your free time creating amazing memories under the California sun, then this is the festival for you! Coachella brings together some of the world’s most popular musical acts, who perform for hundreds of thousands of fans who camp over the week and wear their most sparkly outfits to match the stars on stage. 

This year’s lineup includes Bad Bunny, Blackpink, and Frank Ocean as headliners, as well as Rosalía, Gorillaz, Björk, Charli XCX, and Burna Boy to name but a few. If you’re able to travel to California, this is an experience that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life. 


Eurovision Song Contest 2023! 

When? 9-13 May 2023 

Where? Liverpool, UK 

As one of the biggest music competitions in the world – and the most loved – the Eurovision song contest is a highly anticipated event that allows each European country to showcase some of their best (and whackiest) musical talents. The fact that it’s being held this year in Liverpool – a city with a rich musical heritage with the birthplace of The Beatles – makes it even more special.  

You might be thinking, “but wait – the UK didn’t win the contest last year, it was the Ukraine!” And you’d be right – however, due to the ongoing war with Russia, the BBC will instead host the show in the UK. Since this might be the country’s only chance for a while to host (sorry UK), the people are extremely excited and no doubt the city will go all out to celebrate with parties, themed pub/club nights, and communal screenings.  

It’s no surprise that this event coincides with the same UK bank holiday as the King’s coronation – this is musical royalty. 


Whisky month in Scotland 

When? All of May 

Where? All of Scotland 

Okay, so this might not be a specific date, but it’s sure to be a trip to remember (maybe... depends on how much whisky you drink). If you’ve been thinking of taking a weekend trip to Scotland, we couldn’t think of a better month to go than May! Known as uisge beatha in Gaelic (which translates to ‘water of life’) it’s easy to see why whisky is the country’s national drink, and why they have a whole month dedicated to its creation – and consumption! 

Depending on where you want to go, there are several whisky festivals set to take place, including the Stirling Whisky Festival (10-12 May), the Highland Whisky Festival (10-17 May) and Edinburgh Whisky Stramash (18-19 May). Or if you’d like, you can organize your own whisky tasting trip to one of the 120 distilleries available throughout the country! Bottoms up! 



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