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5 Advantages of learning English

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8 June 2023
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Since English is the most popular second language to learn in the world, with more and more people deciding to study it every year, it might make some wonder: “What are the advantages of learning English?” Due to both the historical influence of the British Empire and the popularity of US media, English is now the most widely spoken language in the world – so when it comes to wondering what the advantages of learning English are, the answer is: numerous! Let’s go through some of them 


World language 

With over 1.5 billion people speaking it natively or as a second language, it’s no surprise that English is the most widely spoken language in the world, cementing its reputation as the ‘global language’. As such, it is often used in business, media, and even on the internet as the base language (we’ll get into why this is important later) that connects people within these sectors. If you want to establish yourself in these areas, then learning English will give you a huge head start. 


Language of the internet 

Possibly one of the most impressive inventions of all time, the internet now rules the lives of many – it is the place where culture is shared and defined, where many companies – both small and large – conduct a big portion of their business, and where people connect with others from around the world. To put it simply: it is vast, it is limitless. And with more than 5 billion users as of 2023, it’s important to have an established language that connects them all. Enter English. 

Of course, that’s not to say other languages are not used or are less important, but because so many people understand English, it has become the default when creating or sharing content online. If you want to promote yourself, share your ideas, or even become an influencer, then learning English can help increase your reach. 

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Increase your business and job opportunities 

Why is English important in business? Being such a widespread language, it’s no surprise that it is also one of the official business languages of the world. Now, it’s not the only business language of the world, but it is an important one given that English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia – so its reach covers the entire globe. It’s also the official language for many industries including shipping and aviation. If you want your business to go international, or if you want to work for an international company abroad, then learning English will greatly improve your prospects. 


Makes travelling easier 

Since English is spoken by so many people across the world, you can almost guarantee that people speak it no matter where you travel. For example, if you’re Italian and go on vacation to Vietnam, you probably won’t find many people who speak Italian – however you most likely will find people who speak/understand English – even if it’s very basic. Being able to communicate with local people makes travelling so much easier practically, but it also means you can connect with people (both native and other travellers), learn about their culture and become friends for life. 

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Increase your study opportunities 

So, we know that English is a global language, it’s a business language, and it’s the most widely spoken language in the world – so it should come as no surprise that universities and colleges across the globe offer a variety of courses in English. If you wish to study any course in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia, you will need to prove that you know an acceptable standard of academic English. Therefore, learning English can improve your chances of getting accepted into some of the best educational institutes in the world. 


Where can I learn English?  

Now that we know some of the advantages of speaking English, where can you learn it? At Kaplan International, we offer a range of online and study abroad courses that will increase your understanding of the English language and your skill level. We can offer you: 

  • Great range of courses: to ensure that we meet the needs of all our students, we offer a variety of programs including General English, Intensive English, Semi-Intensive English, Exam Preparation courses (for IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English) as well as Business English. We also have Gap Year options for students who want to study for up to a year, and most of the courses have a minimum length of one week  
  • Immersive learning: we have more than 20 schools across the UK, US, Canada and Ireland, giving you the chance to completely immerse yourself in the English language while also discovering a new culture and country  
  • Online courses: most of the above courses can be taught from the comfort of your own home via a secure Zoom link. You’ll be taught by Kaplan accredited teachers, with whom you can interact in real-time – perfect for if you have questions and need feedback! 


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If you want to find your dream course and destination, head to our website and start your English language journey today. 

Let’s get this language party started! 


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