Kaplan International Colleges Sponsor Year of English Project

Kaplan International Colleges is proud to announce their sponsorship of the Year of English project.

Kaplan is the chief sponsor of Year of English, a free daily English-learning email course running throughout 2013. It is aimed at existing English learners who need a small amount of help to enable them to achieve fluency.

 People who want to learn English are invited to sign up by entering their email address on the Year of English homepage. Once they are registered they will receive a free English lesson, study tip, or assignment every day in 2013.

Aaron Knight, the founder of PhraseMix, was inspired to create Year of English following the success of the Code Year project. Codecademy launched Code Year in 2012 to help people who were interested in learning how to program.

Aaron said: "For a lot of people, learning English is a vague goal that they hold on to for years and years but never quite achieve. I wanted to give these English learners the motivation to make a big push toward becoming fluent this year. I also wanted to give them the tools to do that with daily lessons."

As a main supporter, Kaplan will sponsor one Year of English lesson per week. These lessons will be based on various how to learn English posts from the Kaplan blog.

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