Kaplan Underwater English: An April Fool’s Day Joke

Kaplan International English can confirm that its newest English language learning program, Kaplan Underwater English is an April Fool’s Day hoax.

While Kaplan International English is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the ESL industry with its blended learning K+ teaching methodology, the invention of underwater teaching facilities is ultimately a step too far for now.

The filming for the underwater section took place at Kaplan’s school in Torquay with the help of students and staff. The project was completed by the in-house marketing team within two weeks.

This project received the wonderful support of all the schools and markets who shared the campaign via their social media channels. Special thanks goes to Hazel Marie Francis, Robert Pickstone and Ido Simyoni for their support with coordinating the project.

Thanks to:

Many thanks to the following bloggers and ESL teachers for helping us share the news:

Chiew Pang of: aclil2climb.blogspot.co.uk
Michael DiGiacomo of: blog.myhappyenglish.com
Jason Levine of: colloandspark.com
Drew Badger of: englishanyone.com
Tara Benwell of: englishclub.com
Ronen Geisler of: englishfuncast.com
Shanthi Streat of: englishwithatwist.com
Andrea Giordano of: eslbasics.com
Sylvia Guinan of: eslbrain.com
Stephen Mayeux of: eslhiphop.com
Shayna F. de Oliveira of: espressoenglish.net
Ana Maria Menezes of: lifefeast.blogspot.co.uk
Luiz Otávio of: luizotaviobarros.com
Nik Peachey of: nikpeachey.blogspot.co.uk
Rachel Smith of: rachelsenglish.com
The team at: reallifebh.com
Sam Margolis of: simpleenglishnews.com
Mau Buchler of: tripppin.com
Turgay Evren of: turgayevren.wordpress.com

We hope it made some of you laugh and that there isn't too much disappointment about underwater schools not being real! Read the original press release.

The Crew:

David Hing: Writer, Director
Hazel Marie Francis: Production Manager
Juan Ortiz: Writer, Producer
Jim Cliff: Director of Photography, Lighting, Editor
Cat Harris: Special Effects
Michael Wetherall: Designer
Robert Pickstone: Social Distribution
Martin Hofschroer: Content Strategist

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