VISA - 愛爾蘭簽證


Visa Required Students (please see this list: )

If your application for a visa has been approved, the Embassy to which you applied will affix a visa to your passport  

The dates entered on your visa indicate the dates between which you may seek to enter the State

It is important to note that a visa is a form of pre-entry clearance to the State only, and does not guarantee that you will be permitted to enter or remain in the State

Immigration Officers at the point of entry are entitled to question any person on arrival. If they are not satisfied with the bona-fides of any person, or their reasons for wishing to enter the State, they have the right to deny entry to any such person, despite the fact they hold a valid visa

It is recommended that you have supporting documentation related to your course of study with you to present to the Immigration Officer on disembarkation from your flight, including proof of medical insurance. 

Non-visa required students

An immigration officer at border control will stamp your passport and then add a date to the stamp.

You must visit a registration office in person before this date to:

·    Apply for permission to stay here, i.e. to study

·    Register your details with immigration

Students should have all documentation pertaining to their studies on their person upon arrival and ready for inspection, including: school letter and accommodation details, evidence of medical insurance, and evidence of finances.

01 六月 2017
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