80 Year-Old Student Proves Age is No Limit

If you ask Samuel Malheiros from Vitoria, Brazil it seems like it’s never too late to start studying English.

This year the 80 year-old lawyer, who is also the president of Vitoria’s Alliance Francaise, decided to pack his suitcase and fly across the Atlantic to study at Kaplan International Colleges’ English language school in Oxford.

Malheiros already speaks multiple languages including French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese but realized that it was about time for him to speak the most widely understood language - English.

Malheiros says, “I always had an interest in analytical philosophy, which is very appreciated in Anglo-Saxon countries and I wanted to have the ability to be part of that as well.”

His family was surprised when Samuel announced that he was going back to school at 80 years of age, but admired and supported his initiative to travel abroad and learn a new language.

According to Malheiros, he had studied English in the past but never got the chance to “do it for real” and practice speaking continuously.

He said: “During my studying and while participating in the school’s social activities, I’ve made friends at Kaplan from all over the world. Being in the same school with students of different nationalities means we have to speak English with each other all the time. It’s challenging and I enjoy it."

School principal, Sean Ahern, said that Samuel became very popular around young students and that he was able to make lots of friends by sharing his life experience through the common language of English for the first time.

Malheiros is very determined to succeed in his new life goal so he has extended his stay at Kaplan’s Oxford school for a few more weeks.

“My journey will not end here. When I finish studying I plan to continue traveling around the world and keep on speaking and learning English," he said.

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