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Your First Day at Kaplan

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8 December 2020
students in front of dublin school

We’re sure you’ll be so excited for your first day at school, but we know you might be a little nervous too. Don’t worry – it’s completely normally to feel anxious on your first day. Traveling abroad to learn a new language can be daunting, but we know you’ll enjoy every minute of this fantastic experience. 

We’ll do everything we can to help you feel at ease on your first day, so you can concentrate on learning and getting to know your destination. Here’s what to expect when you come to school for the first time. 



You’ll be greeted by friendly staff on the reception desk who will help you fill out the information and necessary forms to print your student ID card. You’ll need this card whenever you’re walking around the school building. 


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Welcome talk 

The welcome talk is usually delivered by the School Principal or another senior member of staff. They’ll tell you what’s planned for the day and do an icebreaker activity with everyone, so they can get to know you, and you can get to know your fellow classmates. 


Placement test

The placement test is nothing to be worried about. We do this so we can place you in the appropriate level for your needs, so you’ll make as much progress as possible. You’ll complete the writing and grammar portion of the test on a computer, and the speaking portion will be done in an informal game format, so you’ll feel a bit more relaxed. 

The level we select for you will be based on your test results, but if you feel that the level is either too easy or too challenging, we’re happy to talk about it and adjust it. 


City tour

The school Social Program Manager will greet you and take you on an informal tour of the city. You’ll explore your surrounding area, where the nearest shops and cafés are, and generally get to know your destination a bit more. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to know your Social Program Manager and to ask any questions about activities you’re interested in. 


It’s time to get planning!

Get ready for your life-changing trip with Kaplan. 


Lunch break 

After a busy morning, you’ll be ready for lunch! Head out to one of the cafés or restaurants near your school and get to know your fellow classmates over some food and coffee. 




School and academic induction

The Student Services team will give you a full tour of the school and show you where everything is. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about the school and answer any questions you may have. You’ll also get your timetable and information on how to use the school facilities, like the study center, computers, and the books and DVDs we have for you to take home and study.  

Throughout your stay, you can always drop by Student Services to ask about general things like extending your booking, taking holidays, or visa issues. 


Accommodation check

A member of the accommodation team will catch up with you informally to check that you’re happy with your homestay or student residence. If you do have any problems or questions during your stay, there’s a 24/7 phone number that you can call to speak to someone from the accommodation team.  


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