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Why learn English with Kaplan?

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15 May 2023
Online General English

When it comes to choosing where to learn English, the choices can seem overwhelming – there are so many things to consider: price, location, language goals, and certification. But at the end of the day, everyone just wants the best course, for the best value – and that’s where Kaplan comes in. 

Now, you might be thinking “well, of course Kaplan’s going to tell me to choose Kaplan... that’s its job” – and you’re not wrong, but we also don’t like to lie. That’s why we’ve created a range of courses and experiences that really do rival our competitors. Don’t believe us? 

Here are six reasons why you should study with Kaplan: 


1. Stunning locations  

A big part of what makes Kaplan unique is our variety of worldwide schools. Depending on your professional goals or preferences, you can learn at one our 27 schools across the USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada. These English-speaking countries are perfect for allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the language and the local culture. In addition to learning, you’ll get the chance to explore a new country, visit famous landmarks, make new friends and have amazing new experiences – all while practicing your English! 

We believe that by living the language, not just learning it, you get a more comprehensive understanding, which increases your chances of success! To help you settle in and explore, each school offers a social program that highlights the location’s best attractions. 

Want to know more about destinations? Click here.


2. Unique courses and curriculum 

But what will you be studying? Well, that depends on you. At Kaplan, we offer a range of courses designed to suit a variety of needs, including; Exam Preparation courses for students who want help passing the IETLS, TOEFL or Cambridge language exams; a General English course for students who want that perfect balance between learning and exploring; Semi-Intensive or Intensive English courses for students who want to learn quickly; and Business courses for those who want a more targeted experience based on their professional goals.  

With over 80 years of experience in education, we’ve developed a unique curriculum over time that focuses on practical activities that encourage fluency and understanding. To ensure our lessons are as engaging as possible, our teachers do their best to adapt each lesson to the students' interests. 

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3. Dedicated staff 

A big part of what makes our schools stand out is our staff. From our accommodation managers who ensure that our students feel safe and comfortable in their home away from home, to our accredited teachers who give each student their undivided attention – our staff do their best. Whether you need help in class, want advice about visas, or simply want to know about the best restaurants in town, there’s always someone in school who can help. 


4. Additional resources and Guaranteed Progress 

Alongside your studies, you will also have access to K+ Learning Space – our unique blended learning suite designed to assist your learning outside of class. You’ll be able to fortify your knowledge on topics taught in school, which in turn will further your progress and ensure that you reach your goal as quickly as possible. Each school also hosts K+ Learning Clubs, where students can study together outside of class to focus on and practice topics such as grammar or speaking. 

Combined with our courses, these tools and resources really do work. In fact, we’re so confident your English will improve, that we offer Guaranteed Progress on select courses – meaning we guarantee that you’ll advance at least one level every 10 weeks, or your money back!  


5. Accreditations 

It’s all well and good that we think we’re great, but who else agrees? What are Kaplan’s accreditations? 

Our UK schools are all accredited by the British Council and our US schools are accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training). Meanwhile, our Canadian schools are accredited by Languages Canada and finally, our Ireland school is accredited by ACELS (Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services) and is also a member of Marketing English in Ireland, an organization representing the best English language schools in the country. 


6. Trustpilot reviews 

If you’re still not sure about whether you should pick Kaplan, then just ask our students! Our Trustpilot reviews really do speak for themselves: as of 2023, we have had more than 3000 reviews with an average score of 4.4/5. It’s a real pleasure to provide such a profound once-in-a-lifetime experience for so many students, and to read about how our courses have enabled them to pursue their dreams. We’ve included some of our favorite reviews below, but you can also read the rest here. Warning: there’s a lot of praise for our fantastic teachers! 

Trustpilot review

Kaplan trustpilot review

Positive Kaplan trustpilot review


Now do you understand why we’re so passionate? The question isn’t why you should study with Kaplan, it’s why aren’t you studying with us right now?! Head over to our website and find your dream course and destination today: Kaplan International | Learn Languages Abroad 


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