Body Idioms

English speakers use idioms that use parts of the body to explain ideas. Often these phrases don’t have anything to do with the body, but the idioms express these thoughts easily. We wrote a blog post that explains how to use body idioms in more detail.

Have a look at our fun body idioms illustration. Do you have a sweet tooth? Have you even given someone the cold shoulder? Learn how to use these body idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

body idioms

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How to use these body idioms:

All ears: “I cannot wait to hear what you have to say. I am all ears!”
Cold shoulder: “Steve would not take to James after their argument. He has given him the cold shoulder.”
Itchy feet: “Julie could not wait to go on her travels. She has itchy feet!”
Long arm of the law: “Tony was caught by the police for speeding. He could not escape the long arm of the law.”
Old hand: “Shirley has been with the bakery for a long time. She is an old hand at making cakes.”
Sweet tooth: “I bought John a big box of chocolates for his birthday. He has such a sweet tooth!”
Elbow room: "I did not like working in that cramped office. There was not enough elbow room!”
Eye-catching: “Did you see Candida in her pink dress? She is very eye-catching!”

Let us know which body idiom is your favorite by leaving a comment! All Kaplan graphics are available in high-resolution. If you would like a high quality copy, please leave a comment below with your email address and we will get back to you.

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