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20 English words and phrases to boost your essay

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23 January 2023
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Writing an essay is hard – anyone who’s written one will bare testimony to that. But when it comes to writing an academic essay that’s not in your native language, it can be extra difficult! It’s one thing to be able to get your ideas and points across to the reader but it’s a whole other thing to impress them. Of course, if you have a well-structured and well-supported argument, you will always impress your teacher, but there are certain words you can use to make your essay sound more professional and academic in English! 

Here are just some of the best English words and phrases you should use to help boost your essay and impress your teacher: 


Words and phrases for essay writing


Explaining a point generally 

  • In order to  

    Example: “In order to understand X, we need to first understand A” 

  • To put it simply 

    Example: “To put it simply, X means that A is not possible” 

  • In other words 

    Example: “I always get compliments when I wear my black hat. In other words, I look great in my black hat.” 


Making an important point in your main argument 

  • Therefore  

    Example: “Therefore, X proves that A is not possible” 

  • This suggests that 

    Example: “Academic A states that the world is round. This suggests that earth is in fact a globe” 

  • Significantly  

    Example: “Significantly, this piece of evidence shows that…” 

  • Importantly  

    Example: “Importantly, this piece of evidence shows that…” 

  • Notably 

    Example: “Notably, this piece of evidence shows that…” 


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Providing additional support/evidence 

  • Furthermore 

    Example: “Furthermore, this evidence suggests that...” 

  • Similarly 

    Example: “Academic A states that X is important, similarly, Academic B’s thesis also believes that X is important” 

  • Likewise 

    Example: “Academic A states this, likewise, Academic B also supports this” 

  • For instance, / for example 

    Example: “Some animals do not need parenting when they are born. For instance, snakes are born with a natural survival instinct” 


Providing counterpoints to an argument 

  • However  

    Example: “Academic A believes that X is real, however, we can see from Academic B’s research that perhaps X is not real” 

  • Alternatively  

    Example: “Academic A believes that X is real, alternatively, we can see that Academic B’s research suggests something different” 

  • By comparison 

    Example: “Scholar A states that X is beneficial. By comparison, Scholar B stated that X was a detriment to society” 

  • On the other hand 

    Example: “Scholar A states that X is beneficial. On the other hand, Scholar B stated that X is a detriment to society” 

  • Yet 

    Example: “Scholar A states that X is beneficial, yet when we look at Scholar B’s thesis, we can see how X can also be a detriment to society” 


When concluding your essay 

  • In conclusion 

    Example: “In conclusion, this argument shows X and Z” 

  • To summarize 

    Example: “To summarize, this argument shows X and Z” 

  • All things considered 

    Example: “All things considered; this essay proves that X is not plausible” 

Learning these phrases and using them correctly will help ensure that your essay stands out as professional and that you as a student stand out as someone who is confident in their ideas and skill.  

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