Food Idioms

We love our food at Kaplan. Working and studying with people from different countries is great. It means that you get to experience food you would not normally eat. We like desserts so much that we wrote a blog post about popular cake idioms.

Have a look at our fun food idioms illustration. Are you a top banana or more of a bad apple? Discover what these idioms mean by digesting our illustration! Learn how to use these food idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

english food idioms

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How to use these food idioms:

Egg head: “Julian passed all of this exams. He is such an egg head!”
Big cheese: “Tony is the boss of the whole sales and marketing department. He is a big cheese.”
Couch potato: “Hazel is such a couch potato. She just sits around all day watching television!”
Tough cookie: “Robert ran the race even though he was injured. He is a real tough cookie!”
Top banana: “Morag is the captain of the netball team. She is the top banana!”
Bad apple: “Mik is a real bad apple. He always causes trouble at work.”
Sour grapes: “Barry said that Mike’s hat was silly. It’s just sour grapes!”
Lemon law: “Rachel bought a car that broke down straight away! Luckily she was protected by lemon law.”

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