Shhh! Idioms

We are generally a happy bunch at Kaplan. However, sometimes you just have to tell someone to be quiet! This can be because they are too loud. Other times you may not agree with what someone is saying. There are even occasions when people are being rude!

Have a look at our fun idioms illustration for saying Shhh! Discover how you can tell someone to lower their voice in an informal way.

Learn how to speak English like a native! Find out how to use these shhh! idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

shhh! english idioms

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How to use these shhh! idioms:

Put a sock in it: “Hey, you’re being way too loud. Put a sock in it!”
Cork it: "Excuse me. What you’ve just said is very rude. Cork it!”
Button it: “Your argument is way out of line. Button it!”
Shut your pie hole: “You are being very loud and disruptive. Shut your pie hole!”
Zip your lips: “What you just said to me was offensive. Zip your lips!”
Wind your neck in: “Stop being so loud and obnoxious! Wind your neck in!”
Simmer down: “You are getting too loud and aggressive! Simmer down!”
Pipe down: “Why are you being so noisy when people are trying to concentrate? Pipe down!”

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