Weather Idioms

Whether you like it or not, the weather is a popular topic of conversation for many English-speakers. Talking about the weather is a great conversation starter. This is especially true for the United Kingdom where the weather is very changeable.

The English language has a large vocabulary for talking about the weather and a wide range of idioms. Have a look at our fun weather idioms illustration!

Discover how you can use weather idioms in everyday conversation. Learn how to speak English like a native! Find out how to use these weather idioms by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

weather idioms

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How to use these weather idioms:

Raining cats and dogs: “Do not forget your umbrella before you go outside. It is raining cats and dogs!”
Face like thunder: “You could tell Maria was angry. She had a face like thunder!”
Storm in a teacup: “I don’t think this flu scare is serious. It's just a storm in a teacup.”
Chase rainbows: “I know you want to become a famous footballer but don’t chase rainbows! It is very hard and you are just not good enough.”
Lightning fast: “Wow, did you see Usain win the race? He was lightning fast!”
Head in the clouds: “Mike thinks he is going to pass his exams without studying. He has his head in the clouds!”
Snowed under: “Mike is snowed under with work. He cannot come and watch the game with us tonight.”
Under the weather: “Hazel did not come into work today. She was feeling under the weather.”

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