Time Idioms

It's time for another idioms illustration. This time the subject is time. There are lots of English expressions using time. Your time is precious. Spend five minutes reading this post and you will improve your English knowledge.

Have a look at our fun time idioms illustration! Discover how you can talk about the time and learn how to speak English like a native! Find out how to use these time idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

time idioms

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How to use these time idioms:

Beat the clock: “Burcu beat the clock and booked a Kaplan English course before prices increased!”
Turn back the hands of time: “Phil had to turn back the hands of time and wear his tracksuit from the 1990s for a fancy dress party.”
Kill time: “Mike arrived to the party early so he had to kill time waiting outside the venue.”
Once in a blue moon: “Rob buys a round at the bar once in a blue moon.”
Behind the times: “Chase is behind the times because he just listens to Simon & Garfunkel all day.
Time flies: “Time flies at a party because you’re having so much fun!”
Wasting time: “Hazel was just wasting time at the bus stop playing on her phone.”
The big time: “Leo made the big time when he was promoted the boss of the company.

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