[email protected]: How learning English helped my career

Did you know that learning English makes it easier to find a job?  Being able to speak a second language means you will have lots of new opportunities available to you and will look great on your CV!

Student Zeynep from Turkey chose to study at Kaplan Covent Garden as she believed it would improve her career.

Here is here story:

"I specialise in commercial law and I want to study a master program in law, so I came to Kaplan Covent Garden to improve my English and my academic skills.

Zeynep studied at Kaplan to improve her career
Zeynep studied at Kaplan to improve her career

At Kaplan we always have face to face dialogues with our teachers, they create a relaxed environment that makes us feel comfortable to speak English with our classmates.  

I can say that my English has improved, I have made many friends and often socialise with them. They will also be useful career contacts to have in the future.

After studying at Kaplan, I can speak about my life, my career, my education and my future plans. I am really happy to be studying here!"

If you'd like to know more about studying at our Kaplan can help with your career, you can contact us here!

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