[email protected] Kaplan: Omar's Kaplan Experience at Covent Garden

Today 21 year old Omar tells us all about his Kaplan Experience at Covent Garden, and tells us what he loves most about the school.

Why did you decide to study English?

I decided to study English because I need it for work. The majority of the people in my company speak English, and it makes it easier for me to communicate with them.    

How has your Kaplan Experience been, compared to your expectations?

My time at Kaplan has been better than I thought it would be. I didn’t think I would make as many friends, but the people here are all so nice and kind and I have made 15 new friends.

What is your favourite part about studying here?

The best part about studying at Kaplan is that it is always interesting – every day I learn something new.

What do you plan on doing after studying with Kaplan?

After I finish my English course, I plan on doing a business course with Kaplan.

Did you have any pre-arrival nerves?

No, I was excited to come to London.

What is the best part about the school?

The teachers are young and know how to keep you interested in the lessons. Because of them I enjoy participating and taking part in the classes. It is also very fast paced here – the tests help to test your ability so they know when to move you around quickly if you have improved.

What is your favourite part about living in London?

I really love the Kings Cross area – there are lots of parks and things to see and do, such as museums.

How will your Kaplan Experience help your future goals?

It will help me to communicate better with my colleagues, and hopefully to progress within my career.

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