[email protected]: A group leader shares their experience of Kaplan's Young Learner Center in Torquay

Laura Fratini, an English Language and Literature teacher from Italy has been bringing groups of students to Kaplan's Young Learner centers for 3 years. We visited her and her group of 38 students at the Torquay school, in the heart of the sunny English Riviera and she shared with us her experiences so far.

Kaplan’s Young Learner courses have been created just for students between 12 and 17 years old, with a unique learning system, a structured activities program and staff that have been specially trained to work with younger students. Kaplan also offers bespoke packages to Young Learner groups all year round.

Is this your first time bringing a group to Kaplan?
This is my third time bringing a group to Kaplan. I have been to Salisbury twice, this is my first time in Torquay.

Why did you choose to bring your study group to Kaplan?
In Italy I teach English Language and Literature. I have been taking students to England for many years and I’ve never been completely satisfied. I spoke to people in our town about English Schools and was repeatedly told that Kaplan is the best. We don’t mind that our students pay a little more as Kaplan provides such good quality programs. The brand is a good brand, and the quality of the program is the level that we expect.

What do you think of the teaching methods here?
We are only on day one but already the students are very enthusiastic. In Salisbury we liked the fact that the teachers swapped around so the students had a mix of teaching styles. The students told us that all the lessons are very active and the teachers like to get them involved, and also praise them a lot.

What do you think about this location?
I like the location, it’s a beautiful place with a nice beaches. We visited the town yesterday, it is lovely with lots of cafes and shops and restaurants.

The English Riviera - Sunny Torquay at its finest!

Have you noticed your students improve their English? Are they enjoying their course?
This is only our first day but already we have noticed a change for our students. They are definitely improving and talking a lot. They are even having conversations in English outside of the classroom!

What do you think of the activities that are planned for the group?
We have our first activity tonight, bowling. The students are really excited, as some of them have never done ten-pin bowling before. Kaplan is the first school who are ready to do something special to cater for specific needs; they created a bespoke activity program for us. The Ministry in Italy is now enforcing students to work on certain projects in English so it is great to know that there is an English school in the UK who will support our students and help them to excel in these projects.

Some of Laura's students, ready for an excursion!

How do you feel about the level of supervision?
We are really pleased with the level of supervision, we feel looked after at all times. We visited Torquay town yesterday and were accompanied by two activity leaders and two teachers. The whole experience so far has been very well organized.

What do you think about the staff here at the school?
The staff are very friendly and welcoming. They are happy to help us with anything we need. One of our students was unhappy with her homestay host and the kind accommodation staff sorted it in minutes, and now the student feels very comfortable.

Why do you think the parents of your students sent their children abroad to learn English?
They know that it is a fundamental experience for their children to go abroad and live a language in context. This experience gives students confidence, and proves to them that they can use the language in everyday life. The cultural experience is invaluable, it helps them to grow up, develop new social skills, and experience freedom from home in the safety of their own teachers, and under the supervision of the friendly Kaplan staff.

Would you recommend other groups of Young Learners to study here? Why?
I already have recommended studying with Kaplan to many of my friends and colleagues. Kaplan delivers very good quality; you get exactly what they have promised. We are all very happy.


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