Top 5 Universities

While countries vary in terms of education system, there will always be the select institutions that stand out no matter where you are in the world! This month, we explore some of the greatest educational places on earth, where so many people dream of going in the future. Let’s find out why!

1.  University of Cambridge – near to our Kaplan Cambridge School

One of the oldest and largest universities in the UK, Cambridge has always had an outstanding reputation for high academic achievement. Many students take part in extra curricular activities including sporting activities (such as the famous boat race between Oxford and Cambridge!) at the campuses. Students achieve to be well rounded in their success, often exceeding results in the arts and sports as well as in academia.

Famous Alumni Contributions include:

-         The Laws of Motion: Sir Isaac Newton

-         The Structure of DNA: Francis Crick and James D Watson

-         Theory of Evolution from Natural Selection: Charles Darwin

2.   Harvard University- near our Kaplan school in Boston Square

With its amazing funding and faculties, Harvard has always been near the top of the league tables. Harvard strives in creating new ideas and helping students gain the courage to be innovative. This can be clearly seen through its alumni and their entrepreneurial prowess!

Famous people who attended Harvard include:

-         Marc Zuckerburg: Founder of Facebook

-         Current American President Barack Obama

-         Founder of Microsoft: Bill Gates

-         Matt Damon, Actor

3.  Yale University

Yale, a private Ivy League establishment, was the first U.S school to award the PHD. Now in its 4th century, its aim is to expand its doors even further to countries worldwide.

Famous Alumni include:

-         Former American President Bill Clinton

-         Actress Meryl Streep

-         Actress Jodie Foster

4.  UCL (University College London)

Renowned for its research and equal opportunities, UCL provides a cosmopolitan and international learning environment. It prides itself on its many faculties, including arts and social sciences.

Famous Alumni include:

-         Joseph Lister

-         All of the members of the band Coldplay

-         Movie Director Christopher Nolan (whose film titles include The Dark Knight and Inception!)

5.  MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

MIT’s aim is to provide high quality education in science and technology, for students to best serve their country. It has many interdisciplinary buildings and prides itself with its independence and endowment.

Famous Alumni includes:

-         Charles Murray – Author of The Bell Curve

-         Buzz Aldrin - Astronaut

-         Kofi Annan – Former UN Secretary

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