Word of the week: Cake


Definition: A soft, sweet food that is made by baking a mixture of flour, liquid, eggs, butter and other ingredients.

Example: For dessert, I had a delicious slice of chocolate cake.

Cake is a sweet food eaten in many parts of the world, sometimes to celebrate occasions, sometimes just because people are hungry and it tastes good!

It is still unclear about who first baked cake, as a clear historical difference between cake and bread has been hard to find. The word "cake" first came into use in the English language in the 13th century. We have been loving cake for millenniums! However, cake as we recognize it, round and covered with icing, seem to have first been baked in Europe in the mid-17th century.

Here are some different types of cake:

  • Butter Cakes – As the name suggests, these contains lots of butter. They are normally topped with a large quantity of icing or whipped cream.
  • Sponge Cakes – Light and fluffy cakes. Often include jam or cream.
  • Angel Food Cakes – Contain very little or no butter, and is almost fat free. They are very sweet and light in texture.

These cakes can be made with many additional ingredients and can have many different flavors. Sweet ingredients such as chocolate and toffee are often added, while sometimes strawberries, raspberries and cherries are used.

The occasions when cake can be eaten around the word include religious festivals, birthdays, weddings and other parties. Many staff and students of Kaplan International Colleges love cake too!

Do you like cake?

Which type of cake is your favorite?

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